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“I got interested in this book after seeing a video of Sue Johnston presenting the subject. I was looking for more detail on the subject she presented. The book was a really pleasant read. It uses a fictional story to explore all the concepts she wants to coach us on. This made reading the book really easy, since I was curious on the out come of the story. In each chapter see introduces concepts, explores their implication and suggests exercises for the reader. On the appendixes bring more information and links to some of the subjects. This book made me think a lot of conversation both at work and home. Central to the book is idea communication is trainable skill, and that we should do a conscious effort when exercising it. I particularly enjoyed the communication styles and their interaction on when communication happens.” M. Sant Ana Amazon review

“The content and format of this book gives the reader a very effective model of how to communicate effectively in business settings. It dove-tails very well with agile coaching and facilitation. For that reason I strongly recommend reading this book to all working professionals in general, but most specifically to facilitators, business coaches, executive coaches and agile coaches. The return on time invested reading it and applying the models presented is extremely high. It is an integral part of my professional practice.” Jon Jorgensen Amazon review

“A discussion on how understanding the people’s thinking styles (and your own) can improve your life at work, wrapped in the form of a fun and fast-moving novel. Our rational hero has to figure out how to save his project by learning how to help the team communicate better. I bought this book after attending one of Sue Johnston’s talks at a conference, and I’m glad I did. ” K. Konetzka Amazon review

“Sue Johnston has turned the explication of effective workplace communication strategies into a page-turning narrative that I couldn’t put down. Both practical and passionate, this is a story that will make you think about the power of self-awareness, listening, learning and being positive – the cornerstones of communications that deliver business – and personal – results. A must-read whether you work in a corporate environment or the local café.” – Debbie Weil, CEO of Voxie Media and author of The Corporate Blogging Book

“Sue Johnston has done a masterful job with her book, Talk to Me: Workplace Conversations that Work.  Using an engaging story that runs throughout the book, Sue shows us how conversations are business tools, and essential ingredients to success within an organization. Of particular usefulness are the notes at the end of each chapter, with questions and activities for reinforcing what we’ve learned as we progress through the book.

“All of us can do a better job of communicating at home, at work, with friends and family and in our volunteer roles. Talk to Me can help!” – Donna Papacosta, Trafalgar Communications.

“In her new book, Sue Johnston captures a key area that is critical to business and often missed by leaders. At a time when we are experiencing a massive leadership crisis in organizations and everyone is feeling overwhelmed by social tools, this book is a gift to help us get back to basics.

“Two way-conversations are key to implementing strategy and reaching goals. It’s not about the “meeting in a box” or “frequently asked questions.” Sue helps us understand that what we need most is to make sure that employees have the information they need to be effective in their jobs. A definite must read for every manager with helpful tips that you can use right away.” – Ayelet Baron, VP, Strategy and Transformation, Cisco Canada

“Sue Johnston cuts to the heart of the human issues that impede workplace productivity and innovation. Through the story of a fairly typical project team, she shows where people go wrong and how they can start moving in the right direction. With practical exercises, research studies and more, she lays the groundwork for change. A must-read for brave, wise leaders and anyone who understands how talking and listening shape everthing. ” – Barb Sawyers, Sticky Communication and author of  Write Like You Talk – Only Better.


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A Role Model – Though there are numerous ideas and tips that will certainly be of value to even the most well informed of businessmen, it is all presented with ease and clarity, making it an ideal read for newcomers to the field.

This is a must read book for project leaders wanting to get the best out of their team, but it’s equally an informative and eye-opening read for the rest of us.


Indie Reader  – “This is an effective, clear approach to reestablishing face-to-face discussion as a means of solving workplace problems.”

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